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First post

New SINGLE-SIZE swimwear...

Summer is the perfect season to relax in the sun, feel the sand beneath our feet and dive into the refreshing waters. And to add a touch of style and confidence to your summer adventures, Kiwi Saint-Tropez unveils a new ONE SIZE swimwear collection.


New Kiwi X Nathalie...

This summer's cool collab: a long-time fan of the brand, Nathalie Lecoultre is a jack-of-all-trades bursting with energy and creativity. A TV series producer, photographer, decorating enthusiast and film stylist, she is also an aficionado of Saint-Tropez, where she spends all her free time with her husband Jean-Luc Reichmann, presenter on TF1.


A range of swimwear made...

"Kiwi is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using eco-responsible materials".”


Men's cotton gauze shirts

The men's fashion industry is constantly evolving, and it seems that one particular trend has taken over men's closets of late: cotton gauze shirts. Comfortable, lightweight and elegant, these shirts have become a must-have for those seeking to combine style and comfort.